SAFe Agile Certification Cost In 2022

SAFe Agile Certification cost in 2022

SAFe Agile Certification Cost In 2022

16 Dec 2021 Admin 11 Agile and Scrum

There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions on the kind of certification you need, how much it costs, and what kind of benefits it brings to the table. This confusion is also reflected in the SAFe® Agile Certification Cost in 2022.

SAFe® certification cost is a trending search term. Here's the latest research on what it takes to become a certified SAFe professional and how much the certification will cost you in 2022.

What Is SAFe® Certification?

SAFe® Certification is a global recognition of the knowledge and skills required to deploy the Scaled Agile framework and other solutions at scale in a large organization.

It becomes more valuable for both individuals and companies because of its ultimate benefits.  Earning this SAFe® Certification validates your skillset and shows that you are able to support your enterprise in bringing a high degree of agility through SAFe® implementation.

Various SAFe® Certifications are available categorized into three levels, and each specifies a particular role.


  • SAFe® Agilist (SA)

  • SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM)

  • SAFe® Agile Product Manager (APM)

  • SAFe® Government Practitioner (SGP)

  • SAFe® DevOps Practitioner (SDP)


  • SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM)

  • SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager (LPM)

  • SAFe® Architect (ARCH)

  • SAFe® Practitioner (SP)

  • SAFe® Agile Software Engineer (ASE)


  • SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE)

  • SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)

  • SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)

Why Do You Need SAFe Certification? 

The SAFe® certification is considered the most popular and complete Agile credential on the market. There are various benefits to getting this credential.

Career Growth

SAFe is an Agile methodology that was created to increase software development agility and accelerate project delivery. Due to its popularity in the market, more and more people are looking for SAFe® certification. If you are interested in career advancement or want to implement SAFe in your company, then this certification is worth considering.

High Salary

It helps you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in agile project management and gives you an advantage when it comes to finding new jobs or getting promotions.

By getting certified with SAFe, you will be able to work on enterprise projects. It's a good way to get more opportunities in the IT industry. People who have a SAFe® certification can expect more than a 25% increase in their salary than those who don't have it.

As per the report from PayScale, the average annual salary for certified SAFe® professionals is around $112K/year. It varies based on experience, location, and company.

Manage The Change at Enterprise Level

Organizations are adapting to changing demands in the market environment by being more agile. The need for change has led the enterprise to the Scaled Agile Framework adaptation.

With SAFe Certification, you will learn to apply lean-agile practices and support your organization to stand on the top in an ever-changing market.

What Will You Get In The SAFe® Certification Kit?

  • Get a digital badge with a SAFe® Certification to show your achievements.

  • Annual membership to the SAFe Community Platform.

  • Access to a globally connected network of Certified SAFe® professionals.

  • Get various learning resources on the SAFe Forum to help you in your SAFe journey.

SAFe® Certification Cost

The SAFe® Certification Cost varies according to the course and the training provider that you choose. The below table will give you a clear picture of the retake and renewal fee for various SAFe Certifications.

SAFe Certification Course Certification Exam Retake Fee Renewal Fee
Leading SAFe SAFe Agilist $50 $100
SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM) SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM)
SAFe DevOps SAFe DevOps Practitioner
SAFe Scrum Master SAFe Scrum Master
SAFe For Government SAFe Government Practitioner
SAFe For Architect SAFe Architect
SAFe For Teams SAFe Practitioner
SAFe Agile Software Engineer SAFe Agile Software Engineer
SAFe Release Train Engineer SAFe Release Train Engineer
SAFe Advanced Scrum Master SAFe Advanced Scrum Master
Agile Product Management SAFe Agile Product Manager $295
Lean Portfolio Management SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager $295
Implementing SAFe SAFe Program Consultant $250 $895



Participants can take the SAFe® Certification training and appear for the exam to get certified. You need to appear for the exam within 30 days after completing the course. The course fee includes the first attempt exam fee. If in case, you fail in the first attempt, you can go for a second attempt immediately. Retake Policy For SAFe Certification

For the third attempt, you need to wait for 10 days and similarly 30 days for the fourth attempt. You have to pay $50 for each attempt after the first attempt.

Renewal Process Of SAFe® Certification

Each SAFe® Certification is valid for one year. To maintain your qualification, you require to renew it once a year.

To renew SPC/SPCT Certification, an individual must pay $895 that includes all bundled prices of renewing all their certifications.

To renew SAFe Membership, an individual must pay $295 that includes all bundled prices of renewing all their certifications.

To renew Individual Membership, you must pay $195. It is for a person who doesn’t want to renew the certification and needs the content from the SAFe community.

Why Should You Consider SAFe® Agilist Certification?

SAFe® Agilist certification training courses are designed to help you understand the principles of Agile and SAFe practices and how to apply them to your work. The course is a prerequisite for the SAFe® Agilist certification.

Who Can Get The SAFe® Agilist Certification?

Leading SAFe Certification is designed for organizational leaders who play a key role in project/product/solution development at scale using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It is beneficial for the below job roles:

  • CEO, CIO, VP, Engineer, Agile Coach

  • Executives, Business Analyst, Team Leaders

  • Scrum Master, Consultant, Change Agent

  • Product/Project/Solution/Portfolio Manager

  • Solution Architect

Eligibility Criteria For SAFe® Agilist Certification

Leading SAFe® Certification is open for every individual who wishes to learn SAFe practices. But still, you need to fulfill the following eligibility to appear for the SAFe Agilist Certification Exam.

  • Basic knowledge of Scrum.

  • More than five years of work experience in business analysis/agile & product development/software testing.

How Much Does SAFe® Agile Certification Cost?

The SAFe Agile Certification cost in India ranges between INR48,000-INR60,000 and varies based on your training institute, and the trainers.

Learning Objectives Of SAFe® Agilist Certification 

This Leading SAFe® Certification course teaches the fundamentals of SAFe, which includes the following:

  • Understanding of SAFe® Framework: Principles, Values, and Methodology.

  • Learn about lean-agile principles and mindsets.

  • Get a clear knowledge about the process of making a lean-agile portfolio.

  • Managing Product Development with SAFe.

  • Applying Lean Principles to Value Streams.

  • Building an Adaptive Organization and achieving lean-agile transformation.

Final Thoughts 

We hope that you have a better understanding of SAFe® Certification Cost in 2022. A person with this SAFe® Certification would have more job opportunities in the future when it comes to career growth. They also have higher salaries when they are applying for positions.

Furthermore, this certifies that they have knowledge of the organizational culture and that they can build an environment with these principles.

Enroll in Leading SAFe® Certification training at LearNow and build your career! Call us @ +91 8951143636 if you would like more information about the training and SAFe certification cost India.


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