What Is Customer Centricity In SAFe®?


What Is Customer Centricity In SAFe®?

22 Feb 2022 Admin 0 Agile and Scrum

SAFe 5.0 focuses more on the customers and keeps them at the center of all solutions related to a company's product or service. When developing a product, the end-user's satisfaction is of utmost importance. Thus, if you make your customers happy, they will come back to you - allowing you to generate revenue and increase your chances of success. The newest version of the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe 5.0, makes the customer the center of attention. It helps the organization meet and exceed customer needs by focusing on customer centricity in all business solutions. Gain the knowledge and skills on updated SAFe version with Leading SAFe 5.1 Certification Training.

This article will explore what, why, and how customer centricity impacts your organization in a detailed manner.

What Is Customer Centricity? 

Customer centricity is the ability of an organization to focus on the customers’ needs when designing and delivering solutions. When a customer-centric company designs a solution, they think deeply about the impact it will have on end-users.

Achieving customer centricity in SAFe involves:

- Engaging customers and stakeholders at all stages of the product development life cycle.

- Building and delivering solutions tailored for customers’ needs, expectations, and desired outcomes.

- Establishing a repeatable process for gathering, analyzing and prioritizing customer feedback.

- Including customers in design, validation, and evaluation of new business models.

How Does This Motivate The Team? 

1. Focus on Customer 

Apply user and market segmentation to reach specific audiences and focus on them based on general characteristics.

2. Understand the needs of customer 

Take the time to identify and truly understand your customers' needs and create solutions that meet those needs.

3. Think like the customer 

Be Empathetic and look into the world from the perspective of customer. It motivates teams to understand, to learn and evaluate the challenges they are facing, their roles and the context of their work. It focuses on consumer research, including activities such as Gemba walks (site visits where customer work is done).

4. Create solutions for the entire product 

Create an end-to-end solution according to the user's needs, make sure the initial and long-term customer experience is optimal and improves as needed. Research activities support directly through Continuous Exploration (CE) in CDP (Continuous Delivery Pipeline) and the feedback loop between Solution and its Context.

5. Create lifetime value for the customer 

Limit yourself to transactions where customers exchange money for a product on a one-off basis. Instead, focus on customer value throughout life. A long-term commitment to this approach enables organizations to deliver value to customers, often in an unforeseen manner when the solution is first released. Market research helps us determine the type of customer relationship. It largely depends on whether the solution is general, or customer built.

Why Do You Need Customer Centricity? 

It is important as customer satisfaction is key to growing and maintaining your business. This new updated version of SAFe 5.0 allows companies to get direct customer feedback and input. By listening to customers’ ideas & opinions, companies can increase profits, make new customers, improve relationships with existing ones, and offer improved products.

How Does Customer Centricity Affect Your Organization? 

As a company, this Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) approach can change your thinking and vision for the entire company when creating solutions. In creating decisions based on marketing research, the results must help lead to the best decisions for clients. When you work in customer solutions, you sometimes get questions that are not necessarily related to best practices. Customer Centricity helps find the best practices and enables you to satisfy your customers.

To understand best SAFe practices on latest version, undergo SAFe training and support your customer-centric company.

1. Stay on top of the game 

Customers' desires and needs can change quickly; This means that it is difficult for companies to stay on top. However, customer-oriented companies have more options as their offerings are tailored to the needs or desires of their customers.

2. Greater customer satisfaction 

SAFe’s Customer-centric approach for the companies ensures that what they offer meets the customer's expectations or needs; By satisfying customers, you will get more repeat customers and establish an enthusiastic sales network.

3. Encourages innovation 

Being focused on customers can lead to innovation and inspire your employees to think outside their usual lines of thinking.

4. Improve your brand reputation 

SAFe approach circles around the belief that customers are the center of any solution made in enterprise that can impact the business directly. In addition, you can react to your customers' thoughts by doing the essential changes to turn a negative impact into a positive one.

Final Thoughts 

A new version on SAFe is dedicated to Customer Centricity, which is the new way for organizations to think about their product. In an era where technology rules, customer-centricity is the key to success.

The SAFe framework organizes its updates around a set of different themes, with tweaks and refinements that align with the customer-centricity efforts. This framework is a great example of how an agile approach can help an organization become more successful in today's competitive market.

Customer Centricity gives your business what it needs to be successful now and in the future. By knowing what your customers want, what they value, and what they think, you know what you need to do.

To get the proper understanding of SAFe framework, individual or organization should consider SAFe Certification training. We help you with a comprehensive training to be successful as customer-centric company. Check our website www.learnow.live for more details and call us at +91 8951143636 for a quick enquiry. Call us if you would like more information about the training and SAFe certification cost.

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