The 5 Most Effective Content Curation Strategies

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The 5 Most Effective Content Curation Strategies

16 Feb 2022 Admin 0 Leadership

Brands are resorting to content creation to retain the attention of the audience. The demand for unique, relevant, and engaging content has been on the rise in recent times. Therefore, content curation has emerged as a popular method to expand the customer base through quality content creation. 

Content curation strategies are powerful tools to achieve business goals while saving time and money. It is advised to curate content from various reliable sources, create a pool of unique valuable content and keep sharing it with the audience to drive brand awareness. 

What Is Content Curation? 

Content Curation is a great marketing tool for searching and identifying valuable content, generated by third parties and sharing it with the target audience. It involves sharing relevant statistics, articles from industry leaders, blogs, or social media posts. There are many platforms across which curated content can be shared, for instance, emails, social media, or newsletters. 

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with a high volume of information. The readers do not have time or attention span to read through everything. Therefore, the goal of content curation is to curate valuable, convenient, and engaging content for the readers.

Why Choose Content Curation?

In a survey conducted in 2017, 52% of B2B marketers found content creation as one of the most challenging jobs leading to stalled content marketing efforts. Creating content is easy and inexpensive, yet 57% of marketers have small teams and face hurdles creating their content. This suggests that most brands do not have sufficient in-house content marketers to design relevant content consistently. 

A solid content curation strategy is required to solve this problem. Effective strategies can boost search engine rankings (SEO), increase brand visibility & website traffic, improve customer engagement and build thought leadership. Further, 88% of marketers attributed content creation to the brand’s success. 

5 Most Effective Content Curation Strategies

In this article, we are going to discuss the five most effective content curation strategies to increase brand awareness and conversion. Are you ready? Let’s get started. 

  1. Identifying Your Target Audience: To present the large volume of information online in an ordered way, it is necessary to have an idea of what you want to convey to the target audience. Any content you create and share reflects your brand’s image. Therefore, it is crucial to take time and understand what your brand is all about. It is the initial step of any content curation strategy. Another necessary thing to note is who your audience is and their interests. Sharing your content on all relevant social channels where your audience is present is crucial for your brand awareness and visibility. 
  2. Build A Clear Content Curation Goal: Determining what you want to achieve with content creation is vital as it denotes the kind of content you share and across which platforms. You may create sales enabling content to drive prospective clients during a lead nurturing campaign. You may create content to drive thought leadership and showcase your in-depth understanding of your industry and customer requirements. You may create content in the form of infographics, articles, or blogs on websites to boost search engine rankings. Therefore, it is necessary to have a goal in mind before beginning curating content to drive engagement. 
  3. Share Unique Content Only From Credible Sources: While you curate content, you must present it uniquely by adding your opinion or twisting it. Your content should be fresh and informative to grab the attention of the readers. With an ocean of information available online, it is vital to use trustworthy sources and references. You should assess the credibility of the reference website and whether it is respected by your audience. You should also enrich the value of your content by adding new ideas, insights, strategies, and trending topics that the audience finds useful. 
  4. Be Ethical: One of the golden rules of content curation involves being ethical. Companies employing curation as a content marketing strategy should respect copyrights and not infringe on them. It is done by reducing your dependence on a handful of sources and widening your search criteria. Content creators should provide credit to bloggers, content owners, or thought leaders in their content piece by adding reference links. You must add your insights and opinions to make it unique and then add sources to encourage readers to click on it and read more. 
  5. Showcase Undiscovered Content: Have you ever seen an established artist sharing videos of an upcoming one that people have not seen or heard before? It excites the audience a lot. You can adopt the same content curation strategy to broadcast valuable content that your readers have not discovered yet. By doing this, your website ranks on the top pages of Google and increases your brand’s following exponentially.

Final Thoughts

Content creation is one of the biggest hurdles marketers face in today’s world. Due to a shortage of resources and time, content creation has become a daunting task. Content curation is a great alternative to share valuable content with the readers while saving time. It increases website traffic and drives customer engagement in no time. It provides ample opportunities to connect with influencers to broaden your brand’s reach. Use the five content curation strategies discussed above to power your brand’s success.


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