LearNow’s All Essentials: IoT Certification Training

LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification course allows individuals to enhance their skills with the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers a rewarding career and is likely to change the way we live and work in the future. Enrolling in LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification course is the key to a successful career in the Internet of Things (IoT).

LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification Course aims to give in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as Python, electronic systems (Raspberry Pi), which can connect to various devices/accessories for data collection and analysis.

This training is specially developed by industry experts and covers topics from key concepts to intermediate-level details.

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  • 40-hrs LIVE Instructor-led online training

  • LIVE Video lecturers by Industry Experts

  • Virtual/Remote & Self-paced learning

  • Learn more with practical assignments

  • Lifetime access to LMS

  • Join in the community – Interact with others in your learning process

  • Industry recognized LearNow’s All Essentials IoT certificate

  • Hands-on learning with 5+ live projects

  • 24/7 Mentor support in learning

  • Unblock opportunities to reach your passion


  • Teaches you the skills needed to develop IoT systems and assess key technologies used to build them.

  • Be able to build standalone IoT devices for industries such as manufacturing, construction, and more.

  • Learn about the importance of IoT and how it differs from conventional data collection systems.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of IoT components and applications.

  • Explore the architecture of IoT and modern microcontrollers for data collection and signalling.

  • Explore the benefits of cloud storage. 

  • Design and manufacture hardware compatible MCU.

  • Discover the architectural, operational, and business benefits of IoT and their connection to cloud computing and Big Data.

  • Set up an HTTP server and create Python modules for basic Data Analysis.

  • You will also learn how to use Python to build the IoT and logical design.

  • Explore and understand the IoT protocols.


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All Essentials IoT Certification Course At LearNow

LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification course is delivered by industry leaders with the best learning outcomes for budding IoT Developers. This comprehensive 40-hours program will help prepare you for your new role as an IoT Developer specializing in the Internet of Things concepts.

You'll build a solid foundation in IoT concepts, and industry experts will help you learn how to apply IoT in practice to real-world projects across industries. LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification course will make a significant contribution to opening lucrative career opportunities in the ever-evolving field of IoT.

Who can attend this LearNow’s All Essentials IoT training?

LearNow’s All Essentials IoT certification course is intended for all professionals who are passionate about learning and want to develop a career as an IoT developer.

It is the right choice for people who are working as:

  • IT/Big Data Professionals

  • Data Analyst

  • Software Developers

  • Solution Architects

  • Technical Architects

  • Students who are passionate about learning IoT

  • Business Managers/Executives

There are no specific pre-requisites to take this course. But still LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification course demands some knowledge on below topics:

  • Linux Fundamentals

  • Python Programming

  • Data Analytics

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Career Benefits – LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification Course Training

  • Showcase your skills as an IoT expert to employers.

  • Thorough understanding of the basic concepts of IoT.

  • Distinguish yourself in the emerging job marketplace.

  • Start a high-paying career as an IoT Developer/Engineer.

  • Stay one step ahead in your career journey over others.

  • Highlight your profile with the IoT Certification.


Why pursue LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Certification Course?

  • World-class experienced industry experts/trainers.

  • Providing flexible and self-paced learning experiences.

  • Live real-world project/role-based training.

  • Globally industry-recognized LearNow’s All Essentials IoT certificate after course completion.

  • Review the video tutorials at any time from anywhere.

  • Training based on live industry scenarios and standards.

  • Industry-oriented study material with practical assignments.


Course Curriculum

·       Electronics Basics: Voltage and Current

·       Electronics Basics: LEDs

·       Electronics Basics: Resistors and Capacitors

·       Electronics Basics: Electromagnetic Induction

·       Electronics Basics: Radio Frequency

·       Identity and Access: RFID

·       Identity and Access: Fingerprint Scan

·       Identity and Access: QR Code

·       Identity and Access: Face Detection

·       Identity and Access: Voice Recognition

·       WSN: What is Wireless Sensor Network?

·       WSN: Architecture and use cases

·       WSN: Security

·       Protocols in action: Short Range (BT, Modbus, BLE, ZigBee)

·       Protocols in action: Long Range (5G, LoRaWAN, SigFox, NB-IoT)

·       Electronics Advanced: Motors -1

·       Electronics Advanced: Motors -2

·       Electronics Advanced: IR Blaster

·       Electronics Advanced: Beacons

·       Electronics Advanced: Cameras

·       Arduino: Open-Source Hardware and Architecture

·       Arduino: Microcontrollers models - 1

·       Arduino: Microcontrollers models - 2

·       Raspberry Pi: Credit Card Computer

·       Raspberry Pi: Real-Time OS

·       Cloud Computing: Public Clouds for IoT

·       Cloud Computing: Analytics Services for IoT on cloud

·       Cloud Computing: Device Management and Security

·       Edge Computing: Concept and Architecture

·       Edge Computing: IoT Gateways

·       OTA (Over the Air) updates for IoT

·       End of Journey

·       LAB 1: Arduino - Integrated Development Environment 1

·       LAB 2: Arduino - Integrated Development Environment 2

·       LAB 3: Integrating and Programming Sensors

·       LAB 4: Setting up your first Arduino board

·       LAB 5: Setting up your first Raspberry Pi

·       LAB 6: Configuring Remote Control using VNC on Raspberry Pi

·       LAB 7: Managing System Configuration Settings for Raspberry Pi

General FAQ

LearNow’s All Essentials IoT training costs INR 35,000 plus GST.

·       Downloadable courseware

·       IoT Course Completion Certificate

After completing LearNow’s All Essentials IoT training course, you will receive the IoT course completion certification from LearNow.

Upon successful completion of LearNow’s All Essentials IoT Training, you will earn professional certification in the Internet of Things as an IoT Developer. This IoT certification will add credentials to your career path.

Yes, LearNow offers you a 100% money-back guarantee.

We would be glad to clear your doubts and provide support to you 24/7. Please contact us @+91 8951143636 and mail your queries at info@learnow.live

You will get 1 point for each hour of study, which equates to 40 points for the entire training.

The Internet of Things enables experts to track the products they create throughout their lifecycle and helps engineers learn how their design works so that they can create more efficient products in the future. Using the cloud, IoT experts will drive the future of industry innovation.

LearNow’s All Essentials IoT instructors are all having 10+years of work experience in the related domain.