Certified Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) Certification Training

Do you want to begin or develop your career as an Agile Coach? Then, definitely, this ICP-ACC learning course is only for you!

ICP-ACC is one of the dual knowledge-based Agile Coaching Track certifications. This certificate introduces participants to get essential team coaching skills and team-building concepts for beginning and growing teams, with an emphasis on teams and organizations as human systems.

We are a team of intensified agile enthusiasts supporting individuals and expertise on their agile paths and improving their work environment. We offer high-class Agile coaching, training, and organizational conversion services. Register now to magnify your coaching skills!

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  • Interactive live online training for 3 days/24 hours from ICAgile recognized trainers.
  • 24 SEUs towards CSP
  • 24 PDUs towards any PMI Credential
  • ICAgile membership
  • Certificate of completion of this course titled “ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching” (ICP-ACC).
  • Get practical advice and proven methods from highly qualified mentors.

ICP-ACC courses are cleverly designed to help demonstrate agile mindset, knowledge, and skills. ICP-ACC certification courses allow you to:


  • Appreciate your commitment to continual excellence and quality.
  • Demonstrate your agility and coaching skills.
  • Boldly develop your career as an Agile Coach.
  • Recommend a higher salary than non-certified colleagues.
  • A network with enterprise leaders and an agile professional.
  • Get high-paying positions in top companies globally.
  • Develop your skills through this rigorous training.
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ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) Online Course

Our structure offers flexible opportunities for self-paced learning. A conscious focus on practical scenarios gives future, transitional and current Agile Coachers the right skills and tools to find effective ways to better meet the challenges. In this ICP-ACC course, participants will learn the core competencies required of effective Agile Coachers to achieve effective team and organizational benefits.


Each person's educational needs are unique. We give you the opportunity to get into your learning needs. Enroll now for the ICP-ACC course! Know the efficient way to deal with the Agile Coaching path.


There are no prerequisites for participation in the ICP-ACC training, but basic agile knowledge and experience in an agile team can be helpful. 

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All You Need to Know About ICP-ACC Training Course

ICP-ACC is the certification course that pivots on the Agile Coach’s mindset, responsibilities, and roles. Once certified, the participants can distinguish between facilitating, mentoring, professional coaching, and acquire the skills necessary to create a safe environment for constructive collaboration and healthy risk resolution in an agile team.


An important part of this certification is an understanding of the skills of professional coaching and the value of improving those skills at the service of those on an agile team.


Agile Coach is one with a passion for servant-leadership and willing to learn, practice moderation, mentoring, professional coaching, and training in agile teams. Other important roles include Scrum Master, Iteration Manager, and Agile Project Manager.

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Why Choose Us for ICAgile ICP-ACC Certification Training?

Aspirants will get the following enlisted benefits when choosing us:


  • 100% confidence that you will meet your expectations based on our 4.9/5 rating for online Agile and Scrum training.
  • Get a full refund when you are not completely satisfied with our training.
  • Trained 20k+ professionals and 100+companies benefited from our program.
  • Granted lifetime access to our regular videos, tutorials, blogs, and webinars.
  • Comprehensive assistance in starting a career in the role of your choice to support the agility of your company.
  • 100% confidence that you will get ICP-ACC certified using our unique teaching method.
  • Empowered with 100+ accredited ICAgile trainers with over ten years of domain experience in various industries

Course Curriculum

·        Pre-mentoring Vs Training Vs Coaching

·        Mindset of Agile Coaching

·        Set up coaching boundaries

·        Professional coaching skillsets

·        Coaching approach

·        Duties and skills of the Coaching

·        Coaching for efficiency

·        Coaching in action

·        Effective coaching conversations

·        Learn the basics of agile

Understand, mentoring agile roles and transitions

·        Insight into team improvement

·        Create a team environment

·        Resolving conflicts and team dysfunctions

·        Overcoming organizational barriers


Here are the steps to get ICP-ACC certification:

·       Register for the course here.

·       Follow 24 hours of ICP-ACC training

·       After completion of this 3-day ICP-ACC course, ICAgile will send you an invitation to review the transcript and request a certificate from their website www.ICAgile.com.

·       Fill in the questionnaire after class and claim a certificate.

·       You will receive a link to download the ICAgile certification badge.


After completing the ICP-ACC course, you can further improve your coaching skills by obtaining the below certificates:

·        ICP-ATF 

·        ICP-ENT 

·        ICP-CAT 

·        Certified Life Coach/NLP Practitioner

The ICP-ACC certificate is for a lifetime. The certificate is provided by ICAgile, which means there is no need for any renewals in the future.

Obtaining Agile Coach certification provides professionals with new and exciting opportunities. You can have the opportunity to work with the best organizations worldwide such as Nissan Motors, Accenture, Wipro, and the lists go on.

Some of the highlights are:

·       Get significant industry-wide recognition.

·       Ability to undertake projects requiring knowledge in the field of SCRUM management

·       Ability to promote your skills and negotiate a better job in your current or new job


Upon successful completion of this training by the internationally accredited ICAgile Certification Body, an ICAgile Certified Professional Certified Trainer (ICP-ACC) will be issued.


The average salary range for Agile Coach would be from 25 lakh to 36.5 lakhs as per PayScale.

There are no prerequisites for participation in the ICP-ACC training, but basic agile knowledge and experience in an agile team can be helpful. 

·        Agile Enthusiast

·        Product Owners

·        Scaling Agile professionals/Enterprise Agile coaches

·        Team Leads

·        Iteration Managers

·        Project Managers/PMO

·        Scrum Masters

·        Current or aspiring Agile coaches

·        Professionals in a leadership role for Agile projects

·        Professionals who like to practice facilitation, mentoring, and professional coaching through an Agile team