Certified Scrum Product Owner Training 

Give your career a boost and count the number of job opportunities by attending certified scrum product owner certification training classes with us. LearNow offers online CSPO course training with multiple learning modes, including interactive lectures, real-world projects, assessments, and quizzes, to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Scrum Alliance's Certified Scrum Product Owner is a certification that tests a person's ability to perform as a product owner in a scrum team. The certification helps you gain more credibility and succeed during your current work as well as future endeavors.

Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner- Enrol Now in CSPO training!

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  • 16-hours of Live Virtual Online session

  • CSPO Training with 100% success rate

  • Training by experienced Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs)

  • Earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs

  • Role-based activities, case studies, and real-world simulations

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • 2-year Scrum Alliance membership

  • Get certified on 2nd day

  • Continual learning of new things and support

  • 100% assured satisfaction in learning

  • Helps to understand the product owner's ability to deliver business values.

  • Demonstrates a fundamental approach to communicating with end-users and team members.

  • Maximize the result and impact on business, consumer, market and minimize the output idea.

  • Helps you gain the competencies a Product Owner needs to work together as members of a multi-functional agile team to create high-quality products.

  • Uses techniques to connect teams directly with customers and users, thereby creating deeper understanding between them.

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CSPO Certification Training At LearNow

Many industries in India popularly use agile methodologies to ensure quality control and timely implementation of projects. The most frequently used methods are integrated with Scrum, which is the most popular among Agile practitioners.

Scrum is the most popular framework for a software development team interested in agile methodology. This high demand for Scrum is the main reason for propelling great desire for the Product Owner Certification program.

Certified Scrum Product Owner duty in any organization seems to be a very challenging and important one. The CSPO certification training online is designed with the product manager's needs and is based on an Agile mindset. CSPO training covers all aspects of the certification and includes several hours of intensive learning.

LearNow helps professionals/clients build self-organizing and high-performing teams through CSPO training. This training enables you to understand all scrum practices and principles to reach business goals to improve your ability.

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Who Can Attend CSPO Certification Training?

Scrum Alliance's CSPO Certification Training online at LearNow will be perfect for:

  • Agile Coach & Scrum Master

  • Anybody who wants to play a business-oriented role in the projects

  • Product Owner

  • Team Leads

  • Software Testers/Engineers

  • Development Team Member

  • Business/Data Analyst

  • Product/ Program Manager

  • Managers in Software Development

What Is The Pre-requisite For CSPO Certification Training?

There are no pre-defined eligibility criteria to attend this CSPO training. It is recommended to have basic scrum knowledge that helps you understand the product owner role at the organizational level. If you already possess CSM Certification, then Certified Scrum Product Owner is the next move in your career journey.

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What Is The Process To Get CSPO Certification?

The process of obtaining Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification:

  • Find the best training provider for the Certified Scrum Product Owner course.

  • To understand scrum basics, refer to the Agile Manifesto and Scrum Guide to prepare for CSPO training.

  • Take a 16-hours CSPO Training and get trained by CST's.

  • After completing the Certified Scrum Product Owner course, CSTs will update your profile on the governing body website (Scrum Alliance).

  • The Scrum Alliance invites you to log into your Scrum Alliance account and accept the CSPO license.

  • Accept the license by logging in with the received link to reset your credentials.

  • Download your Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate by acknowledging the license.

Benefits Of CSPO Certification Training

Individual Benefits

An individual who wants to play a business-related role in the projects can choose CSPO certification training online. You will find the following benefits with this CSPO training online:

  • Get the scrum skills and evaluate your gained knowledge.

  • Enhance your career as Business Analyst, Product Manager by knowing popular agile scrum practices.

  • Build a quality product for managing & implementing Scrum in your team.

  • Land on a high-paying job as a CSPO expert in a leading company.

  • The average salary for a Certified Scrum Product Owner is $103K/year.

  • Work actively with an Agile practitioner's community network that is committed to continuing Scrum improvement.

Organizational Benefits

The popularity of Certified Scrum Product Owner has increased because it's a valuable certification that can help businesses compete better in a highly competitive marketplace. CSPO Certification Training online can serve the enterprise in the following ways:

  • Defines a product vision and instructs team members to deliver value.

  • Helps team members provide high-quality products.

  • Facilitates better communication between clients and the team.

  • Increase your chances of getting the highest-paying job.

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Why LearNow & How We Differ From Others

  • Delivered successful training in more than 60 countries.

  • World-class Virtual Online sessions

  • Accredited & highly experienced trainers

  • Role-based activity in training

  • 100% success rate

  • Real-world simulations to gain practical knowledge

  • Case studies and comprehensive pre/post-course material

  • Vast experience in the industry.

  • Provides a wide range of online professional courses

  • Global Experience- Trusted by many leading companies

  • Flexible learning Schedule


Course Curriculum

-        Know Scrum Flow, the basics of Scrum Framework/Vocabulary

-        Learn the empirical process management principles

-        Know the culture created by Scrum in the workplace

-        Know the scrum team role and scope in depth

-        Understand the reason behind the absence of Agile Product/Project Manager

-        Understand the importance of having a vision

-        Know what a vision is and how to create one

-        Learn the relationship between a product roadmap and vision

-        Various Scrum estimation levels

-         Understand that accuracy is important than the precision estimate

-         Explore that size and duration of estimation must be made separately

-         Learn to make team members give low estimates

-         Difference between committing and estimating

-        Know what the product backlog means

-        Learn how to make the product backlog lists

-        Importance of prioritizing product defects

-        Understanding who should be involved in making priority decisions depends on several factors

-        Know how to use formal prioritization methods

-        Understand how much freedom your team should have in adjusting work procedures

-        Release Planning goals and procedures

-        Understand that scheduling is flexible, repeatable, and collaborative

-        Understand velocity, release burnup/burn-down charts

-        How to analyze the future with the release plan

-        Product Owner role in Daily Scrum meetings and how the product owner works closely with the team

-        Understand why sprints are time-limited

-        Concept of balanced pace and the team's commitment

General FAQ

CSPO is one of the best Product Owner Certification courses for someone who needs to learn scrum fundamentals and work in a product-entered role. It helps you monitor on-time delivery of products and give preference to customers’/stakeholders' satisfaction.

If you want to start your product owner journey with Scrum Framework, online CSPO training is the first step.

PDUs (Professional Development Units), the credit provided by PMI (Project Management Institute), whereas SEUs (Scrum Educational Units), the honour given from Scrum Alliance. They approve efforts by agile professionals in improving their agile careers. For every hour that you spend on a learning activity, you will get one unit.


Yes, you are now at the right place. LearNow is the leading professional online CSPO Certification training provider with industry-experienced trainers.


You will get 16 PDUs after CSPO training at LearNow.

No, you don't need to take any test to become a CSPO certified professional.

There is no need to go for the exam in claiming Product Owner Certification. You must attend the 2-day online CSPO training in the best institute like LearNow.

At LearNow, the cost for CSPO Certification in India is around INR20,000+ GST

You will get the CSPO Certification from the Scrum Alliance after completing 2-days CSPO training by CSTs.

Yes. LearNow offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Yes, absolutely! We give a 100% guarantee that you get a good learning experience with our course material and training from LearNow's Mentors for CSPO training.

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