What Is Corporate Training And Why Is It Important?

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What Is Corporate Training And Why Is It Important?

19 Feb 2022 Admin 0 Leadership

In recent years, the advent of digital technology and e-learning has changed lives. Organizations are also using it to train employees and make them efficient. The process of training employees using online platforms is known as corporate training

What is Corporate Training? 

Corporate training is the process of educating and training employees through various activities and learning programs. It ensures success for organizations and career growth for the employees; creating a win-win situation for everyone. 

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, it was found that 95% of employees stayed in jobs where the employer invested in learning and development. Therefore, it can be concluded that employees considered corporate training programs as a crucial part of their work lives.

Corporate learning is implemented through a Learning Management System or LMS where regular training and evaluation results get stored for easy progress tracking. The LMS sector is rapidly developing and the market size is estimated to increase from 9 billion USD in 2020 to 40 billion USD by 2030. 

Importance of Corporate Training

Training and development of employees are essential to strengthen company performance. It enhances employees’ knowledge and skills resulting in increased productivity at the workplace.

The importance of corporate training can be understood from the following points listed below:

  1. Technology and Industry Updates: Corporate world is moving towards digitization and innovation. Staying updated with recent developments, advances in technology, industry standards, rules and regulations, and current trends is crucial for a successful business. Staying up-to-date gives you a competitive edge and enables your employees to think freely and incorporate new ideas in their work. 
  2. Training for Work Enlargement: Online corporate training programs are a remarkable way to acquire new skills and increase your employability. Organizations are using online training to enhance the scope and responsibilities of a particular job role. Corporate training courses have emerged as one of the promising methods to improve skills for current and future job roles.
  3. Developing Soft Skills: Corporate training develops soft skills in employees crucial for increased adaptability to changes at the workplace. Examples of soft skills include communication, emotional intelligence, patience, leadership, etc. In 2015 research was conducted analyzing job posting sites across the USA. The results showed one out of three skills mentioned by the employer in the job description was a soft skill. 
  4. Training to Boost Productivity: Corporate training programs can exponentially increase the productivity of employees. According to the definition of productivity, it is a measure of the efficiency of an employee given in terms of output. Therefore, productivity is an element of effective training resulting in better task management. Productivity is one of the biggest goals of any organization. Therefore, high-quality training can develop confidence and targeted skills in employees facilitating the highest levels of productivity regularly. 

Benefits of Corporate Training 

Companies can reap maximum benefits if they train their employees regularly through e-learning methods. A few of the advantages are mentioned below: 

  1. Better Cost-Efficiency: Hiring new talent is always expensive for an organization. Spending on a current employee has shown a better return on investment. Corporate training reduces the expenditure of an organization as there is no requirement in new allotment of annual salary, medical insurance, and other benefits as compared to hiring new talent. 
  2. Improved Motivation and Morale: Spending on corporate training courses demonstrates that employees are valued in their companies and helps create a supportive work environment where employees are motivated to work hard. Not all employees are encouraged by a higher salary package. Corporate training will boost employee morale and increase overall output. 
  3. Better Employee Retention: According to a recent survey, organizations that have invested good money in employee training programs have seen a 52% reduction in employee attrition. It is because employees feel their job is crucial for organizational growth and success. 
  4. Improved Leadership and Decision Making: Corporate training programs that improve decision-making and leadership skills in employees can prove advantageous for companies. Good decision-making can increase employee efficiency. It results in more revenue and increased profits for organizations. Improved leadership qualities can help employees innovate new ideas & solutions and implement those into the business.
  5. Remove Weaknesses: Training exposes the weaknesses and shortcomings of employees and brings them to notice to remove them. For instance, employee X may be good in communication, but weak in analytical skills. However, employee Y may be good in analytics but poor in communication. So these employees can collaborate and learn from each other to transform their weaknesses into strengths for improved performance. 

Final Thoughts 

It can be concluded that corporate training has mutual benefits for organizations and employees. E-learning is cost-effective and easy to implement. The virtual training industry is rapidly growing. It is wise to take advantage of it to get ahead of your competitors. Visit https://www.learnow.live/ and get in touch with us today to enroll in our corporate training courses to cut an edge in this fast-paced digital world and drive organizational success. 


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